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Tonsil: Tonsils are located back to the sites of the uvula. Frequent infections and hypertrophic situations of the tonsils avoids eating, drinking and swallowing. In such a case they had to be removed by a surgery.

Adenoids: Adenoids are located back of our nose. If the adenoid tissue grows bigger due to infections, allergy or passive smoking it is possible that your sleep will be disturbed by opened mouth, snoring and your hearing can be impaired.

Fluid in the middle ear: Fluid can be collected back of the ear drum that causes hearing loss. If the fluid would not resorbed by medical treatment ventilation tube (allow your middle ear to be aerated) insertion is indicated. This procedure is called parasynthesis (myringotomy).


 As you come to my office I will examine you by my doctor’s light. This light is called otoscope.

 After the ears I will have a look at your mouth by a wooden spoon.

 I will ask you to go for preoperative blood tests with your family.

 The day before the operation date you should stop eating and or drinking starting at midnight. You should admit to the hospital without eating or drinking please.

As soon as you arrive to the hospital;

 You will be introduced to your room and the nurse will prepare you for your journey to the surgery room.

 You can go the surgery with one of your parents. Until you sleep for the surgery your parents will be with you.

 Operating room has bright lights and special devices in it.

 In the operating room nurses will welcome you. Anesthesia doctor will guide you for the surgical preparations.

 You will sleep as you sleep in your bed at home.

 As soon as you wake up your parents will be with you.

 Now you are healthy. You have to obey your diet. It’s ice cream time!

Dear Parents,

Your child has to stay in the house for two days after the surgery. You should avoid hyperactivity and visitors who might bring microbes to contaminate your child. Higher fluid consumption is encouraged to increase the healing speed.

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Recommended Diet After Surgery:

DAY 1:
Water, Milk, Ice Cream, Ice Tea, Frozen Yogurt, Jelly can be served frequently but in small amounts each time.

DAY 2:
Cream, Puding, Yogurt, Ayran

DAY 3:
Soup (without particles in it).

DAY 4:
Mashed Potato, soft boiled egg.

DAY 5:
Bred or biscuit melted in milk, weatbix.

DAY 6:

DAY 7:
Hot, irritating, sharp edged food have to be avoided unless you can step by step start to eat as normal as before. Pain killers will help to eat painless so you should start eating 30 minutes after the pain killer. Approximately after 10th day there will be no precaution.

NOTE: Fresh fruit, Tosted bread, Chips, Hot, Spicy, Soda and coke has to be avoided because these kind of food can harm the healing mucosa and process by scratching and irritating.

After the surgery ear pain is usual. As the second day pass this pain also will go away. You should obey the diet recommendations.

Taking Aspirin before and after the operation is forbidden. Eating cherry and gray fruit is forbidden.These fruits can cause bleeding.

A day after the surgery in the tonsillectomy area there will be whitish color changes which are normal fibrinous tissue for the healing. This whitish mucosa will turn back to normal in a week. If the patient received ventilation tubes ear protection has to be in mind.

Keep in mind:

First Seven days after the operation;

1- Avoid hot and acidic fluids (orange juice, lemonate, coke, cherry juice)

2- Chocolate and food prepared with chocolate,

3- Avoid using strips

4- Increase fluid intake (water, ice tea etc..)

5- Avoid red colored food or beverages.

6- Avoid spicy food

7- Avoid sharp edged food like chips, crisps…

8- Chew well and then swallow.

Speech tone and hearing your speech sound from nasopharynx is normal for the first days. This situation is not because your vocal cords are harmed; it is because your tonsils are removed.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mete İNANÇLI
ENT Specialist