Paranasal sinuses are located in both sides of the nasal passage. Te major infections of the sinuses, benign or malignant tumor can be treated by endscopic sinus surgery. Endoscopes are used in this surgical approach. There will be no skin insicion and sutures after the surgery. Minimally invasive method is used to eradicate the disease focus, sinus entraces are enlarged and nasal passage is widened. After the surgery to prevent nasal bleeding special dressing as merocell sponges and hemosthatic matresses as nextstat, posisept is used. A day after the surgery nasal packings are discharged from th nose. Nasal irrgation is encouraged after the surgery for several times.

Nasal polipozis is another indication for functional endscopic surgery. The nasal polyps are excised by microdebrider or polyp snares and the polyp focuses are erased by microtours of laser. Post operative periode needs frequent followups. Reccurence is not like wise if the technique is well applied and the patients obey the therapy recommendations.