Nasal deformities can occure due to traumas or as a congenital deformity. Nasal obstructions can be with or without external nasal deformities. Our surgical aim is to prevent outher and inner beauty of the nose in the same surgical procedure. It is called functional rhinoplasty approach. In this approach physical examination of the nose will reveal us the main anatomical problems of your nose. Then we plan the surgery. In the planning we aim the result of a normal look rather than an exagerated facial appereance. Surgery takes about two hours under general anesthesia. As an anesthesia TIVA(total intravenous anesthesia) is prefered. Nose will be covered by a thermoplast which is an plastic for 10 to 12 days. Inside of the nose will be dressed by a slicone called Doyle II nasal splints. Nasal splints will be taken out a day after the surgery. Starting just after the surgery ice application to facial area is manditory to avoid swelling and brouses. Next morning  your slicone nasal dressings will be taken out without pain. After this discharge of the silicones you should rinse your nose at least 8 times a day. Follow up frequency will be declared to you by your doctor. At the 7th day your sutures of the skin will be taken out. You migth experience little pain during this application. During the followup examinations inner and outher healing process will be checked. Outher nasal thermal splint will ve removed at the 10th or 12th day after the surgery. The patient should avoid direct sun light and sun bathing 2 months after the surgery. You should not use reading or sun glasses upto 3 month after surgery. The final look of the nose will appear  a year after the surgery.