SEPTOPLASTY(Surgery for the deviated nasal septum)

Is-a-Balloon-Sinuplasty-a-Solution-for-MeSeptoplasty procedure covers the straghtining the septal bone and the cartilage to maintain a wide normal range of nasal passage for air flow. The patients who have a complaint of nasal blockage and frequent nose and sinus infections might have a nasal septal deviations. Due to nasal phsical examination your doctor will let you know about your nasal passage situation. Some of the blockage can be due to the chonchal hyperthrophies with out septal deviations. In such cases we usually recommend to undergo a allergic prick test under supervision of an allergy specialist to dermine whether or not this nasal blockage is because of an inhaled allergen. If the test reveales an allergy we recommend our pateients to take anti allergic therapy and nasal steroids for a period of time. After this therapy we reconsider about a surgical intervention. If the symptoms relieved we will not recommend surgery. we will follow up the patient. But if complaints are remaining we wil definetely offer from minimal invasive to invasive surgical options. Most minimal invasive surgery is the radiofreauency ablation of the inferior chonchas. If the patient has septal deviation we offer two kinds of surgical intervention. First choise is the conventional cold knife surgery for the septum, second choise is the laser septoplasty. In both we do not recommend nasal package for our patients postoperatively. We use Doyle II nasal silicone splints for the nasal dressing. They are easy to apply and comfothable.

Sugery duration for septoplasty is about an hour with the general anesthesia. Laser technique takes 15 minutes to half an hour longer.

RHINOPLASTY(Surgery for the external deformities of the nose)

balloon-sinuplasty-stepsNasal deformities can occure due to traumas or as a congenital deformity. Nasal obstructions can be with or without external nasal deformities. Our surgical aim is to prevent outher and inner beauty of the nose in the same surgical procedure. It is called functional rhinoplasty approach. In this approach physical examination of the nose will reveal us the main anatomical problems of your nose. Then we plan the surgery. In the planning we aim the result of a normal look rather than an exagerated facial appereance. Surgery takes about two hours under general anesthesia. As an anesthesia TIVA(total intravenous anesthesia) is prefered. Nose will be covered by a thermoplast which is an plastic for 10 to 12 days. Inside of the nose will be dressed by a slicone called Doyle II nasal splints. Nasal splints will be taken out a day after the surgery. Starting just after the surgery ice application to facial area is manditory to avoid swelling and brouses. Next morning  your slicone nasal dressings will be taken out without pain. After this discharge of the silicones you should rinse your nose at least 8 times a day. Follow up frequency will be declared to you by your doctor. At the 7th day your sutures of the skin will be taken out. You migth experience little pain during this application. During the followup examinations inner and outher healing process will be checked. Outher nasal thermal splint will ve removed at the 5th or 6th day after the surgery. The patient should avoid direct sun light and sun bathing 2 months after the surgery. You should not use reading or sun glasses upto 3 month after surgery. The final look of the nose will appear  a year after the surgery.

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery(Surgery of the paranasal sinuses)

sinüzitParanasal sinuses are located in both sides of the nasal passage. The major infections of the sinuses, benign or malignant tumor can be treated by endscopic sinus surgery. Endoscopes are used in this surgical approach. There will be no skin insicion and sutures after the surgery. Minimally invasive method is used to eradicate the disease focus, sinus entraces are enlarged and nasal passage is widened. After the surgery to prevent nasal bleeding special dressing as merocell sponges and hemosthatic matresses as nextstat, posisept is used. A day after the surgery nasal packings are discharged from th nose. Nasal irrgation is encouraged after the surgery for several times.
Nasal polipozis is another indication for functional endscopic surgery. The nasal polyps are excised by microdebrider or polyp snares and the polyp focuses are erased by microtours of laser. Post operative periode needs frequent followups. Reccurence is not like wise if the technique is well applied and the patients obey the therapy recommendations.

Balloon Sinuplasty(Balloon Dilation of the sinus gates)

nasal-spray-side-effects2-300x292Most of the paranasal sinus infections are prolonged due to aeriation defect of the sinuses. As the most minimally invasive method balloon dilation of the sinus gates can be applicable in Cyprus. Since 2005 this method has been used for sinus dilations by Dr. Mete İnançlı. Preoperatively sinus endoscopy and paranasal sinus MR is encouraged. The procedure can be done as outpatient under general anesthesia.