We strongly try to avoid computed tomography but in some complicated infections and some serious tumoral diseases we also ask for a computed tomography. Especially for the diagnosis of sinusitis we never as for tomography! In case of a surgery decision or a complication thought we recommend first Paranasal Sinus MR Imaging.

For chronic middle ear infections if we thought that the patient might have a complication we ask for Temporal Bone Computed Tomography.

In case of a TİNNİTUS (ringing ears) we will recommend EAR MR imaging.

If the patient had a maxillofacial trauma we might ask for 3d computed tomography for to detect the form of the facial bone fractures.

For the physiologic detections of vestibular and cochlear nerve we usually recommend an audiologist to get involved in to your assessment tests for hearing and balance. We have assigned audiology laboratories for you if needed.

For detection of the adenoid vegetation in childhood X-ray is never recommended. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mete İNANÇLI brought 2,8mm fine flexible nasopharyngolaryngoscope to North Cyprus. He is routinely applying endoscopy for his patients.