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Best Timing

One of the common questions received from the patients is what should be the best time of the year to have a functional rhinoplasty.
Climate does not have a direct affect on the result of the surgery. The procedure work best into your schedule because you’ll need about a week of downtime and so often times depending on work, school. You should be careful not to have direct sunlight to your nose until a month passed.
You’ll need to factor that to the equation. Usually younger people will have functional rhinoplasty in the summer time because they have the summer holiday. Sometimes the concern is about having your functional rhinoplasty in the winter time and colds, however, it’s very unusual for patients to have a cold after functional rhinoplasty, although in the winter time sometimes we are stuck indoors and more inclined to have cold. You have to pay attention not to get cold. But bottomline is the best time to have a rhinoplasty is the best time it fits into your life schedule.