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Sugery takes about two hours under general anesthesia. Our patients usually do not experience any pain after the surgery and recovery days. The only annoying feeling is the blockage of the nose slightly due to Doyle splints blowed By some secretions. This situation is temporary. We let a thermoplastic cast on the nose from outside and Doyle silicone nasal splint into the nasal cavity to support the new structure of the nasal construction. We can apply rhinoplasty majorly two types.
Open rhinoplasty is the procedure that we suture the skin insicion but not in closed rhinoplasty approaches. In open technique we have ask our patient to come one week after the surgery for suture releasing. In third or fourth day we usually see our patient to take about the inner Doyle nasal splints. After the suture work done we usually take out the thermoplastic cast at the 11th to 12th day after the surgery. We kindly ask our patients to sleep  with at least two pillows to ensure the head elevated to ease the probable swelling of the periorbital area.
We prefer our patient not to lie down all the day and wait to heal. It is better to move around, to sit rather than laying. Mild sports activity can be done as walking. Do not carry heavy things, don’t have a shower with very hot water. Do not lean forward and stand still to dig a garden or tidy the wardrobes. Be sure by means of these maneuvers the blood pressure on the patients head will raise and can easily cause nose bleeding.
Usually everything went well and we release everything from the patient in 12 to 13 days. To get the last beautiful looking nose can take up to 6months to a year. Usually the patient will continues his or her life without any complications in 15 days. Swelling went away %90 percent in a month. The healing process depends on the surgery techniques, skin type and the metabolic situation of the patient. During the recovery please protect your nose from traumas and direct sunlight for a year.