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After preoperative assessments surgical plan can be made. Patient’s wishes are also affects the surgical plan but capabilities of the anatomy and the technical facilities takes a role on the surgical plans. Surgery starts with the general anesthesia. As the anesthesiologists set the patient surgery team takes the role to sanitize the surgery area. The nose and very near surroundings left open and the rest of the body is covered by sterile covers. We operate in two major ways. One is open and the second option is the closed approach. In the open approach consists of skin incision. Then we usually close the line with 3 tiny sutures.
Due to our surgical plan we start either from the dorsum or the tip of the nose to reconstruct the functional and aesthetic lines, bones and cartilages. As the proportions are satisfactory we control the inner structures of the nose to maintain the best airflow as it can be situated. We end the surgery by applying outside thermoplastic cast and the Doyle nasal splint for the inner support of the new nose. Anesthesiologists recover the patient very slowly no ensure the low blood pressure. Immediately nasal and Para nasal ice application starts just after the operation. As the patient wakes from the anesthesia he or she delivered to the ward room to have a rest a night in the hospital under medical care.